Tom Hanks Hair Transplant

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem among many people. Especially after a certain age, many people experience this problem. People may notice changes in their hair’s thickness, density, and growth rate as they age. This problem affects celebrities as well. Since they are constantly in the public eye, any change in celebrities’ hair captures people’s attention. One of the celebrities who experienced hair loss problems due to aging is Tom Hanks. Therefore, Hanks hair transplant became a curious topic for those who face the same problem.

Many people wonder how great his hair is nowadays. But don’t worry; you will get the answer. This article will give you all the information about his hair loss problem and Tom Hanks hair transplant in detail.

Tom Hank Hair Transplant Timeline 

Let’s take a look at Tom Hanks hair transplant timeline in more detail to understand his hair loss problem and potential hair transplant technique better.

  • His Young Adult Years: Before turning 30 in his 20s, Tom Hanks’ hairlines looked healthy and fine. There were no signs of a hair loss problem.
  • His Adult Years: During these years, especially in his 30s, Tom Hanks started to experience hair loss problems, which became visible. However, experiencing hair loss during their 30s is a common problem among many men.
  • Recent Past and Present: Compared to his older photos, in which his hair loss problem became visible, his hair looks denser and healthy during these times.

Tom Hanks’ Long Hair

Apart from being a talented American actor, Tom Hanks has also attracted many people’s attention with his iconic hairstyles. One of these iconic hairstyles of Tom Hanks is his long hair. His hair was long, dense, and curly during his teenage years.

In addition to his teenage years, Tom Hanks’ hair was long and messy in the movie Cast Away.

Tom Hanks’ Short Hair

Another iconic Tom Hanks hairstyle is his short hair. However, when he started to experience hair loss problems, this became more noticeable due to his short hair. Since the forehead on Tom Hanks’ face is quite broad, having short hair undoubtedly makes even a slight hair loss much more noticeable.

When Did Tom Hanks Lose His Hair?

Tom Hanks’s hair was looking healthy and denser until his late 30s. However, during his late 30s, he started to experience a hair loss problem like other male actors. Even though it is impossible to know the underlying cause of his hair loss, he was more likely to experience hair loss due to aging. For this reason, some people thought that Tom Hanks resorted to a hair transplant to overcome his hair loss problem and regain his hair’s healthy and dense appearance.

Has Tom Hanks Had A Hair Transplant?

Tom Hanks is among the male celebrities rumored to have had a hair transplant to eliminate his hair loss problem.

Tom Hanks appears only to have hair transplants performed around the hairline and both temples to maintain the most natural-looking appearance possible.

Looking at the results of Tom Hanks hair transplant, it can be said that Tom Hanks hair transplant was a successful process.

Which Type of Hair Transplant Did Tom Hanks Have? 

Since they are always in the spotlight, any change in actors’ hair attracts people’s attention immediately. For this reason, when people see their hair loss problems, they wonder about celebrities’ hair transplant methods. However, his hair transplant method is unknown in Tom Hanks’ case. Since he was not open about his hair transplant, the type of Tom Hanks hair transplant method is still a mystery.

On the other hand, some people assume that he has had a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), while others claim that he has had a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. These hair transplant methods are explained below. Let’s look at them in more detail so we can have a better idea about the Tom Hanks hair transplant method.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): During this treatment, hair follicles extracted directly from the donor area, typically the back or sides of the scalp, are transplanted into the recipient area with a special tool. This method is minimally invasive, leaves a minimal scar, and offers faster healing time. Since it leaves a minimal scar, the FUE method is recommended for people who want to keep their hair short.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): A strip of tissue containing hair follicles is surgically removed from the donor area, typically the back or sides of the scalp, during a FUT hair transplant procedure under local anesthesia. Under a microscope, the strip is then divided into individual hair follicles. The recipient area, where the patient experiences hair loss or thinning, is given these follicular units, which may contain one to four hairs. This method can leave visible scars but can be concealed when the hair grows out.

When comparing these hair transplant methods and the Tom Hanks hair transplant case, we assume that the Tom Hanks hair transplant method is more likely to be Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). After the Tom Hanks hair transplant rumors started, Tom Hanks has been seen with his short hair most of the time, and he has no scar of a hair transplant on his scalp. Since this FUE hair transplant method leaves a minimal scar, Tom Hanks hair transplant method might be the FUE method.

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