Needle-Free Hair Transplant

Summary About Needle-Free Hair Transplant in Turkey

Duration of Operation8-10 hours
Operation AreaHead
Anesthesia TypeLocal
Pain TresholdAfter the Operation
Start Time1 Day After
First Shower2 Days Later
Recovery Time15 Days
Re-operation StatusNo Need
Gym-Cardio15 Days
Suture MarkNo Pain
Age Limit18

Traditional hair transplant procedures can be unsettling for those who are afraid of needles, as they often require injections into the scalp for local anesthesia. People with a fear of needles can avoid not only hair transplant operations, but also other medical applications unless it is very necessary. In short, most people are afraid of getting a needle. However, new hair transplant procedures often do not involve the use of needles. Instead, needle-free anesthesia techniques and methods are used.

How is the needle-free hair transplant technique applied?

Needle-free hair transplantation is used together with microsurgical techniques. Needle-free hair transplantation techniques can be used in FUE and its subgroup techniques. In this technique, local anesthesia is applied with a special tool that does not have a needle at the tip, and the hair transplant operation can be performed using a special tool called an implanter or optionally using laser techniques. In this way, patients who have hair loss problems and want to have hair transplant, but who are afraid to benefit from this procedure due to fear of needles, can also have hair transplant.

Hair loss is a dermatological disorder that can happen due to many reasons like genetics, scalp problems, mental reasons, and lack of nutrition. Hair loss is a very common problem but in severe cases, it gives people aesthetic considerations. However, there are several treatments for hair loss.

One of them is a hair transplant. Apart from traditional hair transplants, nowadays it is possible to get needle-free hair transplants as well. Here is everything you need to know about needle-free hair transplants in Turkey topic.

What is Needle-Free Hair Transplant 

Needle-free hair transplant is a treatment for people who want to get a hair transplant but are afraid of needles and do not want to have pain while getting a hair transplant. In needle-free hair transplantation, hair follicles are extracted one by one with specific implant devices and implanted in the areas of hair loss occurred. 

Advantages of Needle-Free Hair Transplant 

The first advantage of a needle-free hair transplant is that it is a great option for people who are afraid of needles but want to get a hair transplant. Many people do not want to have pain while getting a hair transplant and are scared of needles.

However, thanks to the needle-free hair transplant, they can benefit from this and have a comfortable operation process. In addition, it reduces the risk of infection and level of pain. The danger of infection is substantially lower with needle-free hair transplantation since it requires no incision or hole in the scalp. 

Needle-Free Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

The procedure of needle-free hair transplant can be different for some people in terms of duration since the roots in the scalp play an important role in this field. If the number of roots that need hair transplants is high, the process of the treatment can take more time. If you want your hair transplant procedure to be as effective as possible, you need to pay attention to the instructions of the doctor.  

What are the Different Needle-Free Hair Transplant Techniques?

There are some different hair transplant techniques for people who want to get it. For needle-free hair transplant, the most common needle-free hair transplant technique is needle-free anesthesia. This technique is very beneficial for numbing the extraction areas without needles. 

Thus, people who are afraid of needles can have a fearless and comfortable hair transplant process. Besides, it is fast and the risk of infection is lower since it requires no incision or hole on the scalp. In this way, the hair transplant method that is suitable for your condition can be applied easily. 

Planning Your Needle-Free Hair Transplant in Turkey

If you want to get a needle-free hair transplant in Turkey and do not know what to do, you can contact our professionals at Wonder Hair Clinic. We provide you with the best result for your needle-free hair transplant at affordable prices. 

After planning a needle-free hair transplant, you should plan traveling and accommodation as well.

Who is Fit for Needle-Free Hair Transplant Procedure?

Anyone who is suffering from hair loss problems can get a hair transplant. There are various types of hair transplant operations and you can choose the one that fits for you. More specifically, if you are afraid of needles and want to have a painless and more comfortable hair transplant can get a needle-free hair transplant operation. To learn needle-free hair transplant is suitable for you, you should contact a professional. 

Why Choose Turkey for Needle-Free Hair Transplant?

Turkey is very affordable and famous for its success in health tourism. Many people come to Turkey to get treatment for hair-related problems and are often satisfied with the results. This also applies in the field of hair transplantation. 

Besides, the hair transplant professionals are very qualified and experienced in hair transplant treatments. You can come to Turkey and get a needle-free hair transplant with good results and at an affordable price.

Cost of Needle-Free Hair Transplant in Turkey

Depending on the clinics and the treatment, the cost of needle-free hair transplants in Turkey can change. For instance, if the number of hair follicles to be transplanted is more, the needle-free hair transplant can cost more. In addition, the professional’s qualifications or experience, and the location of the clinic play an important role in determining the cost.  

For more information about the needle-free hair transplant and the cost of it, you can contact Wonder Hair Clinic.

Preparing for Your Needle-Free Hair Transplant

When you go to a hair clinic, they will give you information and instructions about the hair transplant process. You need to pay attention to this information and instructions since they affect the result.  

Before the needle-free hair transplant, you should contact your doctor if you take medications as well. Since some medications can affect the hair transplant operation, you may need to stop taking them before the operation. 

In addition, you should pay attention to your diet especially before and after the operation. A healthy diet is recommended for both preparing for and recovering from the operation. For instance, one of the side effects of the operation is low blood pressure and caffeine and alcohol can affect the blood pressure.

What to Expect During Your Needle-Free Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Painless and needle-free hair transplant in Turkey is not an invasive procedure. That is why, you should not expect to feel pain or discomfort during a needle-free hair transplant. In addition, during your needle-free hair transplant in Turkey, you can expect to get professional help for your problem. With experienced and qualified professionals, the process of a needle-free hair transplant will be smooth and comfortable for you. 

What Should be Done After Needle-Free Hair Transplant?

Thanks to needle-free hair transplant operations, the healing process is not invasive. However, after the operation, you can have headaches, dizziness, or low blood pressure for some time. 

In addition, to prevent infections or scars on your scalp, you need to pay attention to not touching or scratching your scalp or hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Needle-Free Hair Transplant

Needle-free injections are a safe method extensively used in medical fields, including hair transplantation. These injections employ a high-pressure system to propel the solution through the skin, eliminating the need for needles and reducing the risk of infection and discomfort. Specifically, this method ensures that patients experience minimal pain and stress in hair transplant procedures, allowing for a more pleasant experience. The innovative technique promotes faster recovery, less swelling, and redness, making it a preferable choice for many. Always ensure that certified professionals conduct your procedure to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

Needleless injections used during hair transplant procedures are generally well-tolerated and designed to minimise discomfort. These utilise a high-pressure system to deliver the solution through the skin without a needle, mitigating the pain usually associated with injections. Most patients describe the sensation as a light flick or a snap against the skin, much less distressing than traditional needle injections. However, individual pain thresholds can vary, and some might experience minor discomfort. Any concerns about pain can be discussed with the practitioner, who can adjust the procedure or offer topical anaesthetics to enhance comfort.

While needle-free injections offer comfort and reduced pain in hair transplant procedures, they may not be free from downsides. These injections might need to be more precise in depositing the solution at desired depths, potentially affecting the uniform absorption of the medication or solution, which is crucial for hair growth. Additionally, the pressure required for administering the injection can cause discomfort, and there may be limitations in the volume and viscosity of fluids that can be delivered, potentially impacting the effectiveness of the treatment in stimulating hair growth.

Needleless injections offer a revolutionary approach to hair transplant procedures, maximising patient comfort and procedural efficiency. This technique eliminates the need for needles, reducing the risk of infection and eliminating needle-associated pain and anxiety, making the process more tolerable for patients. Hair transplants allow for precise medication delivery and other essential substances directly to the scalp, promoting optimal follicle survival and growth. This innovative method thus facilitates a smoother, more pleasant patient experience and the potential for enhanced transplant success rates and aesthetic outcomes.

Needle-free anaesthesia is a modern technique used primarily to enhance comfort during hair transplant procedures. This method employs a high-pressure device that delivers anaesthesia without using needles, ensuring a painless patient experience. It is highly beneficial for those with needle phobia, reducing anxiety and stress associated with traditional needle-based injections. In hair transplantation, it aids in creating a more relaxed environment, allowing for optimal graft placement and maximizing the procedure’s success. The lack of needles also minimizes the risk of bruising and swelling post-procedure, facilitating a quicker recovery.


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