Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Meryam Suna
My wife went to Istanbul for a hair transplant in June, we searched a lot of places, but after getting to know Erhan Bey and his team, we realized that it was a reliable place. We would like to thank Mr. Erhan, who is natural and lush as if it had never been done. In my opinion, I recommend everyone to go to the best hair transplant center in Istanbul.
Michele Albanese

I would like to thank all the doctor and Wonderhairclic team for the hair transplantation process. A very very good welcome from the first contact by phone to the big day of the response. I am very happy with the result 🙂 Well done…

Marco Abete

I came to Turkey to have a hair transplant from Italy. I purchased the VIP package from Wonderhair Clinic. It was very hygienic and they took great care. I was very well received. I’m looking forward to my result. A big thank you to all the doctors and assistants at Wonderhair Clinic.

Pedro Camacho Piqueras

It has been over a year since my transplant surgery and the results are absolutely excellent, the best Professional clinic you can come across in transplant medicine. If you have hair loss problem, this is the permanent solution. The main operation is done with the doctor and his assistants, and the most beautiful part is its natural appearance. definitely highly recommended.


I am definitely very satisfied. They answered every detail in my mind and removed the question marks in my mind. I would like to thank my doctor and his team for their kind and understanding approach during the surgery. It has been about 6 months and I am very happy with the result. I am waiting for the day for the second session, I highly recommend it.

Ricardo Jimeno Gomez

It was a place I went with my cousin’s recommendation. I was prejudiced against hair transplantation before and I was afraid. After meeting with the Wonderhairclinic team, all my fears went away and I decided to have a hair transplant. He is very sincere and professional, my self-confidence has increased with my new hair. We would like to thank Wonderhairclinic doctors and team for their interest, you can be sure that you will be satisfied.

Burhan Meral

First of all, the team is very good and experienced, you can get answers to all your questions. Even after the operation, they follow the hair growth by not losing interest with you. When we evaluate all these, I recommend it to everyone, I dreamed of it. WONDER HAIR CLINIC Team performed it and CONGRATULATIONS to the whole TEAM again Good luck to you…..

Barış Çelen
I had the operation 1 year ago. Thank you very much to Mr. Erhan and to all the employees for their interest and relevance. The operation was over without pain and I started working 2 days later. They are with you at all times in the process after hair transplantation, I am more satisfied than I expected, I definitely recommend it.
Fikret Özkan
I congratulate the whole team, especially Mr. Erhan. I got a great result for myself, I also recommended it to my close friends. We had a very successful result, I can say that I became 10 years younger and I would like to thank the whole team wholeheartedly.
An excellent experience! Many thanks to the doctors of Wonderhairclinic and all their assistants.
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